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How To Use The BMI Calculator

Use the free BMI calculator above to find your body mass index. It is important to properly measure yourself, so have a friend help you if possible. The BMI calculator is an important tool to help you lose weight. We offer an Imperial BMI calculator as well as a Metric BMI calculator.

Body Mass Index Explained

The Body Mass Index (BMI) also called the Quetelet Index uses a statistical measure of body weight related to an individual's weight and height. It is not a measure of body fat but rather, is used to estimate an individual's ideal weight based on height.

Your BMI is one of many tools used by your physician to determine you and your child's body weight. Always remember to consult your physician for specific guidance regarding your weight and health. Identifying whether a person is ideal, overweight, or obese is an important factor in determining overall health Along with Waist to Hip Ratio, and Body Fat percentage, the Body Mass Index is a widely used calculation.

Body Mass Index is defined as an individual's body weight divided by the square of the person's height. A BMI chart can also be used. Health care practitioners can better help their patients while using the BMI and can identify potential future problems in sedentary individuals. Generally a BMI of between 18.5 to 25 can indicate an optimal body weight while a BMI of under 18.5 can indicate an underweight individual and a BMI of over 25 indicates an overweight individual. BMI, along with other health factors, can determine if a person may have Anorexia Nervosa or other related disorders when a person's body weight is not suffient for their height. Obesity can also be determined when a person has a BMI of over 30. As you can see, the Body Mass Index can be very beneficial in helping individuals come to terms with their body weight.

Knowing Your BMI Is Important

Determining your body mass index is relatively easy and requires only limited information from you. All that is needed to calculate an adult BMI is your height and weight. To calculate a child's body mass index all that is needed is height, weight, and age.

BMI is calculated as a percentage and is a handy tool that health practitioners, fitness trainers, and others in the weight loss field use to determine an individual's personal weight scale. In adults a healthy BMI is in the range of 18.5 and 24.9, and is considered the "normal" BMI range. If an individual is underweight they will be in the sub 18.5 category, overweight is considered to fall in the 25 to 29.9 category, and obese falls above 30. The numbers in and of themselves only refer to your particular body mass category and are used, along with other assessments, to prescribe weight gain or weight loss strategies. For your convenience we have compiled a list of weight loss tips.

Why Is BMI so Important?

It has been long established that our body weight is directly linked to our overall health. When our body is fit we feel better physically and emotionally and have a lower incidence of health related problems such as cardiovascular disease, asthma, diabetes, and certain types of cancer. This is why it is so important to know your body mass index so that you can start taking the appropriate steps to fall into the healthy range. Just as being overweight can be negative so too can being underweight, and it is very important to take action when you do not fall within the appropriate body mass range.

It is also very important to keep tabs on your BMI. As we age, people's body weight fluctuates and can vary greatly. This is why you should periodically check your BMI to ensure that you are maintaining the goals you have set for yourself.

Along with your doctor, you can make the necessary lifestyle changes required to be fit. Some simple things to consider are: eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, and strength training.

Attaining and maintaining a healthy body weight can be easier than you think. Simple daily activities like walking to the store and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables can greatly important not only your overall body weight and health, but your mental state as well. It really is this simple: a healthy body breeds a healthy mind. Many people who maintain a healthy body weight find that they have increased energy and are generally happier in their day to day lives.

So get started today by discovering your BMI, and then take steps to either maintain it (if in the normal range) or make certain lifestyle changes if you are not in the normal BMI weight range.

What Can I Do To Improve My Body Weight?

The measure of your own body mass index is very useful in determining whether you should think about dieting and exercising regularly. Overweight individuals should consider altering their eating habits and making an effort at exercising regularly. Obese individuals may want to consider weight loss surgery to help them achieve their ideal body weight. Underweight individuals should consider strength training as well as changing their eating habits in order to put on healthy weight.

We all know that diet is not enough to achieve a healthy body weight for the long term. Exercise, when coupled with healthy eating habits can help you to achieve an ideal BMI for your height. Exercise also has the added benefit of helping you deal with stress while at the same time help you to improve your body image and generally feel a lot better about the way you look.

Children and Obesity

Many of today's children are at risk for being seriously overweight and obese. Canadian kids are no exception to this rule. As Canadians, we tend to spend a lot of our time indoors during the winter months. This can lead to a sedantary lifestyle and when coupled with poor eating habits, can result in weight gain. Children who are chronically overweight and obese have a far greater risk of developing health complications that range from Diabetes to heart attack and stroke. This should not be taken lightly.

Oftentimes parents are too busy with their day-to-day activities and instead rely on schools to provide the physical education and proper exercise habits for their kids. It is important to remember that educators cannot do this alone. One way to prevent your child from gaining additional weight is to prepare healthy snacks and meals. Let's face it: we all love a treat now and then, but by simply not buying junk food at the grocery store, you will prevent your child from eating too much high sugar and high carb foods while they are at home. Remember, teaching your child to eat healthy will help them throughout their lives. If they learn now, they will be more apt to keep their healthy eating habits through adulthood.

Normal BMI Range

So what about those of you who are in the 'normal' BMI range? Well, congratulations, you will have a lower risk for disease and other health complications if you keep your body weight in check. This does not mean sitting back, however. Developing lean muscle mass and eating healthy is still necessary to fend off disease and keep your ideal weight in check. Many individuals don't realize that they still should eat balanced meals with fresh fruit and vegetables daily, even though their weight is in check. A lot of people also overlook the benefits of walking. Walking after dinner with your partner or your dog is a great stress-buster as well as a weight loss tool.

So What Next?

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